Why Jiraya was not Reanimated by Kabuto during the War Arc? Here is everything you need to know

Why Jiraya was not Reanimated by Kabuto during the War Arc? Here is everything you need to know

In the war arc of Naruto, where powerful ninjas came back to life to fight again, a super strong ninja named Jiraiya wasn’t one of them. Fans thought he might join the fight, but the story has reasons why he didn’t.

While posing as Madara Uchiha during the war, Obito had a covert but significant impact on the course of events. Obito’s involvement was a crucial obstacle that changed the course of the conflict when Kabuto considered bringing Jiraiya back to life.

Why Jiraya was not Reanimated by Kabuto (Naruto)

Obito had doubts about Kabuto’s goals

The fact that Obito is a powerful ninja who poses as someone else is a major contributing factor. Obito refused to allow Kabuto, the evil monster who brought people back to life, to bring Jiraiya back as well.

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Obito feared that Kabuto would have too many strong fighters, which would be harmful to his schemes. It’s possible that Obito had doubts about Kabuto’s allegiance and goals. Reviving the formidable and self-reliant warrior Jiraiya would have added unpredictability to an already fragile union. It’s possible that Obito intervened to keep control of the situation and reduce any chance that his plans would be derailed.

Obito already gathered a strong army

Obito also had a strong sense of strategic thought in his involvement. By this stage of the conflict, Obito had gathered a strong army of revived shinobi, all of whom helped him achieve his main objective of summoning the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Obito probably concluded that he had enough strength and resources at his disposal to accomplish his goals without having to revive Jiraiya.

Do you think Obito had a chance against the Shinobi Alliance if he didn't  join forces with Kabuto? : r/Naruto

Jiraiya’s inclusion may have been seen as superfluous or even detrimental to his strategic objectives. Obito was more concerned with making his forces as effective as possible, and bringing Jiraiya back would conflict with this goal.

To respect Jiraiya’s Sacrifice in Naruto

The death of Jiraiya was a highly significant turning point in Naruto’s growth as a person, greatly influencing his path and principles. It symbolized not just the passing of a cherished mentor but also a turning point in Naruto’s development.

Jiraiya took his last breath to send a warning about Nagato to Konoha,The  Tale Of Naruto Uzumaki - YouTube

he was forced to face the harsh reality of the ninja world and the costs associated with bringing about peace. Throughout the series, Jiraiya’s sacrifice had a profound emotional influence on Naruto, causing him to grow spiritually and emotionally as he struggled with acceptance, rage, and mourning.

Jiraiya’s sacrifice was kept true to its original form by the story, which strengthened its influence on Naruto’s persona and the series’ recurring themes of loss, tenacity, and redemption.

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