What If Madara Uchiha’s Rule as the First Hokage of Leaf Village

Madara Uchiha as the First Hokage

Imagine a different Naruto world where Madara Uchiha becomes the first Hokage instead of Hashirama Senju. In this alternate reality, the Hidden Leaf Village is led by Madara’s strength and authority. This change brings both good and bad things. On the positive side, the village becomes strong, especially with the Uchiha clan gaining more power. But on the downside, Madara’s leadership might be too strict, causing problems within the village and straining relationships with other ninja villages.

Let’s explore the interesting twists and turns of this what-if scenario where the Hidden Leaf Village takes a different path under Madara’s rule.

Imapct of Madara Uchiha as the First Hokage

Strong Leadership:

Compared to Hashirama’s more democratic style, Madara’s leadership would probably be defined by power, authority, and possibly a more authoritarian reign. He would probably act quickly and decisively, prioritizing the interests of the Uchiha clan.

Uchiha Dominance:

The Uchiha clan would likely hold a more prominent position within the village. This could lead to potential conflicts with other clans, especially the Senju, who may feel marginalized. This could result in internal strife within the village.

Alliance or Conflict:

There may be tension in connections with other villages, especially those managed by Senju. A more unstable ninja world might result from the collaboration of Hashirama and Madara jeopardizing the precarious peace that has been established.

Sharingan Development:

Madara’s influence might accelerate the development of the Sharingan and its various techniques within the village. This could make the Leaf Village a formidable force but could also increase tensions with other villages.

Possible Revolution:

There may be internal discord in the Leaf Village due to Madara’s ambition and his future battles with Hashirama. A power struggle or perhaps a revolt against Madara’s authority could result from this.

Impact on Naruto’s Story:

The plot of the Naruto series would be significantly changed. Naruto’s desire is closely linked to the Will of Fire and Hashirama’s legacy. The whole plot and character development of Naruto would probably change if Madara had become the first Hokage.

In summary, Madara Uchiha’s leadership has the potential to strengthen Leaf Village’s military power and character, but it also entails a risk of internal conflict, strained relationships, and a break from the ideals that have long guided the community.

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