What if Ken Kaneki didn’t lose his memories in Tokyo Ghoul?

What if Ken Kaneki didn’t lose his memories in Tokyo Ghoul?

Ken Kaneki, the protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul, is a character who has undergone many transformations throughout the series. One of the most significant changes to his character is when he lost his memories. However, what if Kaneki did not lose his memories? How would this have affected the story of Tokyo Ghoul?

Ken Kaneki would have more aware of his powers


Kaneki would have been much more conscious of his ghoul side had he not lost his memories. He could have developed into a more effective fighter if he had a better grasp of his abilities and limitations. Because of his improved ability to use his powers strategically and successfully, it would have been harder for the CCG to apprehend him.

His kagune, a strong and adaptable appendage that ghouls use for both attack and defense, is one of Kaneki’s most notable abilities. Kaneki could have created a more specialized and adaptable combat style if he had been able to keep his memories, which would have given him complete knowledge of his kagune’s capabilities and limitations. He would have been able to use his kagune more deftly in combat, modifying it for various scenarios and foes.

Kaneki would also have been tougher and more enduring than a pure human or pure ghoul due to his half-ghoul nature. He would have had the upper hand in battle because he could have taken more harm before going down. Additionally, his regenerative powers would have been more potent, enabling him to recover more rapidly from wounds that would have killed humans.

Change in Relationship with other characters

tokyo ghould other characters

If Kaneki hadn’t lost his memories, his interactions with other people would have been different. It would have been simpler for him to believe and cooperate with his friends and allies if he had kept in mind who they were. His interaction with Touka Kirishima in particular would have been very different. Their bond would have been much deeper and more meaningful if Kaneki had recalled their common history and the connection they had formed.

Furthermore, Kaneki would have had a more established rapport with the other employees of Anteiku, the coffee store where he worked. Kaneki did not have a close relationship with the other members of Anteiku because she had only recently begun working there. He would have had a better grasp of their personalities and histories, which might have resulted in more positive relationships, had he been able to hold onto his memories.

Additionally, Kaneki’s interactions with his adversaries, including the CCG and the Aogiri Tree, would have been different. He would have been better prepared to deal with the different factions and their objectives because he would have been more aware of the conflicts between ghouls and humans. Kaneki would have been able to use his prior encounters to better comprehend and react to the actions of figures like CCG investigator Koutarou Amon or the leader of the Aogiri Tree Eto Yoshimura, resulting in more complicated interactions.

Change in Plot of Story

TokyoGhoul plot

The dynamics of the conflict between ghouls and humans would have undergone one of the most important changes. Kaneki was largely ignorant of the political and social tensions between the two groups in the original tale. He would have known more about the background of the conflict, both parties’ motivations, and the likelihood of peace or coexistence if he had been able to retain his memories.

This might have caused Kaneki to approach the conflict differently, looking for a compromise that would help both ghouls and humans rather than adopting an exclusively defensive or aggressive stance. He would have understood his own history and the causes of his transformation, which would have lessened the significance of the mystery surrounding his past.



In conclusion, Tokyo Ghoul would have been a very different tale if Kaneki had not lost his memories. The relationships and conflicts in the series would have been very different if Kaneki had been a stronger and more complicated character. Although the narrative would have been different, it is difficult to say whether the outcome would have been better or worse because Kaneki’s loss of memories was a significant plot point and character-defining aspect of the series.

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ein binance Konto erstellen
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