What if Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Gogeta in Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super

What if Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Gogeta in Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super

The Tournament of Power was a spectacular event that saw some of the strongest warriors. Universe 7’s best fighters were Goku and Vegeta who broke their limits in the tournament. This even amazed all gods, angels, and grand priests.

Fans often speculate about what would happen if Goku and Vegeta fused to form Gogeta during the tournament. But it would have been allowed if it was liked by Grand Zeno. In this article, we’ll delve into this scenario and examine how Gogeta would have fared against the other fighters.

Goku would have not reached Mastered Ultra Instinct and Vegeta would have not reached Super Saiyan Blue Evolved!

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Since Goku and Vegeta were facing difficulty while fighting Jiren even fighting together, Vegeta broke his limits to become Super Saiyan Blue Evolved. If Goku and Vegeta fused at that time, a powerful warrior called Gogeta would have come. Even in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, we see Gogeta is far stronger than Jiren. Since the fusion limit is 30 minutes, it was way more than the remaining time before the tournament.

The use of fusion would also mean that Goku and Vegeta would not be able to fight as separate fighters, meaning that they would lose their individual strengths and tactics in the battle. Vegeta would never have reached Super Saiyan Blue Evolved and Goku would have never attained Mastered Ultra Instinct as Gogeta would have easily defeated Jiren in his Super Saiyan Blue form.

Gogeta would have brought an alternate ending!

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In the original ending, Goku and Frieza along with Android 17 fought a final battle against Jiren in which Goku and Frieza sacrificed themselves to take out Jiren, and Android 17 was the winner of the Tournament of Power. Following Goku’s example, Android 17 wished for the restoration of all universes that were erased by Grand Zeno(Omni King).

If Gogeta was there, he would have defeated Jiren, Toppo, and other Fighters leading to an alternate ending. Here more fighters of Universe 7 would have been declared as winners and there would have been a conflict between them for who will make a wish to Super Shenron as only a wish could have been made.


Here is the  conclusion!

As we know that Goku promised Frieza to resurrect him if Universe 7 wins the tournament. Now with Gogeta Universe 7’s victory assured, Goku has to fulfill his promise to resurrect him. But Vegeta would not have agreed to this. Everyone would have been afraid that Frieza would continue his evil plans to conquer the universe if he gets resurrected. A selfish wish would have been made and Grand Zeno(s) would have erased everything.

In conclusion, the idea of Goku and Vegeta fusing to form Gogeta is certainly an intriguing one. It would have unquestionably increased the power of Universe 7 significantly. With his immense strength, speed, and energy projection skills, Gogeta is one of the series’ most powerful characters. Even the most dangerous foes, such as Super Saiyan Broly are no match for him.

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