What if Erwin Smith was chosen over Armin for Colossal Titan in Attack on Titan

What if Erwin Smith was chosen over Armin for Colossal Titan in Attack on Titan

Levi’s crucial decision during the Battle of Shiganshina left a permanent mark on the world of Attack on Titan. But what if the coin landed the other way? Dive into an alternate timeline where Erwin inherits the Colossal Titan, shifting the tides of power, strategy, and the very fate of Paradis Island.

What if Erwin Smith was chosen for Colossal Titan?

In the heart-wrenching climax of the Battle of Shiganshina, Levi Ackerman held the fate of two comrades in his blood-stained hand. Armin Arlert, the strategic prodigy, and Erwin Smith, the relentless commander, both lay on the precipice of death. One would be saved, becoming the inheritor of the Colossal Titan.

Would Erwin Support Zeke & Yelena’s Plan?

Attack on Titan: What Happened to Yelena?

In this scenario, Yelena and the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers collaborate with Zeke Jaeger on a three-point plan to overthrow the Marleyan dictatorship and liberate the Eldian people.

While Armin expresses his concerns about Zeke’s plan to Eren and Mikasa, it is noted that if Erwin were alive, he would likely share those worries. Erwin, known for his cautious approach and strategic instincts, would have anticipated the potential risks of the Rumbling procedure, especially if Zeke was in charge.

The concern is that if the execution of the plan goes awry, it could leave Paradis vulnerable or even lead to global catastrophe, echoing Erwin’s cautious nature as a leader.

 Erwin Smith Would Have Planned A More Effective War Plan

Attack On Titan: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Erwin Smith

Erwin, having learnt of Marley’s troubles with the Mid-East Allied Forces, would have undoubtedly preferred that Paradis press the chance as quickly as possible rather than squander it.

This might have resulted in an earlier campaign in which Marley’s Warrior Unit was still fighting abroad. During this time, Marley would have been entirely exposed and at the mercy of Paradis Island’s military power. Erwin and Eren’s Titans might easily have destroyed their cities, ports, and vital centers, leaving Marley’s Titans without the resources they needed to fight back successfully.

Erwin’s extensive military experience would have led him to recognize that Marley’s Warrior Unit was the key to their success—and their most formidable asset. While capturing or killing the Titans may have been his primary objective, he would also recognize their vulnerability when left alone.

Handling Eren’s insubordination

Attack On Titan: Eren Fans Have It Rough In the Final Season

Hange apprehended Yelena and her comrades after three years. If Erwin were present, he would have taken swift action, averting Eren’s solo attack on Marley. Eren, frustrated by the lack of action against Marley, launched the attack himself, leading to his rescue by Hange and the Survey Corps, followed by his confinement.

Erwin, unlike Hange, would have handled Eren differently. He wouldn’t have confined Eren but rather assigned someone to monitor him, allowing him public freedom. Erwin’s mistrust of Zeke would have prevented his entry into Paradis, informed by Kiyomi Azumabito’s warning about the Rumbling.

In contrast to Hange’s approach, Erwin would have addressed Eren with utmost respect, seeking answers about his plan, encounters with Zeke, and reasons behind his unannounced attack on Marley.

Coup d’état of the Yeagerists


Hange’s lack of influence in positions of authority contrasts with Erwin’s persuasive abilities. Premier Zachary’s plan to torture Eren might have been averted if Erwin had intervened, convincing him of the impracticality.

This could have prevented the Yeagerist uprising. Furthermore, Floch, who respects Erwin, might have heeded his advice about Eren, avoiding the subsequent events.

If Erwin had accepted Floch’s plea, he might have faced consequences similar to Armin’s imprisonment or chosen a diplomatic approach, aligning with Willy Tybur to persuade other nations while attempting to avert conflict.

The hypothetical scenario of Erwin Smith as the Colossal Titan explores leadership, morality, and the human condition in “Attack on Titan.” Erwin’s strategic skill and determination aid humanity’s Titan battle, yet his transformation raises moral dilemmas. The choice of the Colossal Titan’s wielder highlights the delicate balance between victory and sacrifice in the ongoing fight for survival.

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