Automobile company Toyota Revealed its Brand New Anime Series – ‘GRIP’

Automobile company Toyota Revealed its Brand New Anime Series - 'GRIP'

Toyota Revealed its Brand New Anime Series as ‘GRIP’. Famous Japanese automobile company Toyota is doing something cool and different – they’re jumping into the world of anime! Anime is like those awesome animated shows and movies from Japan. Toyota is starting a brand-new series called GRIP.

It’s about a cool hero who’s taking on the bad guys of automated driving. You can watch this five-episode series every week starting February 26 at

Everything you need to know about Toyota’s anime series ‘GRIP’

This anime is made by a company called Intertrend, based in Long Beach. They wanted to make something exciting for young people, especially those who are into cars and are Asian-American. The show is connected to Toyota’s Gazoo Racing, which is all about racing cars. They hope it will catch the attention of Gen-Z, which is the younger generation.

Story of Toyota’s brand-new anime GRIP

In GRIP, the main character is named Jae Kang. He and his friends are racing around a futuristic city controlled by a made-up company called SynthCorp. This company makes everyone think that automated driving is great, but our hero Kang knows something’s wrong. He races against time to save the city from big trouble, all with his super cool car, the GR Corolla.

Toyota Unveils Anime Series, 'GRIP': Plot, Details, Watch Online

The guy in charge of making this anime, GRIP, Matthew Choy, got the idea from other famous car anime like Initial D. He says anime is perfect for showing off awesome cars and people in a massive way. It makes driving look super thrilling and fun.

GRIP is not just about the story, it’s also going to show off some cool things for fans of Gazoo Racing. These are special cars used for racing in tough conditions. People who love cars are going to see some awesome custom cars in the anime, even though it’s in a made-up world. So, if you’re into cars and love exciting stories, GRIP is something you shouldn’t miss!

This is exciting, isn’t it? Considering the recent trend where anime is being used as a next sector for advertising. Nevertheless, if you liked this you will love to check out our Top 10 Best Sports Anime to Watch in 2024.

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