Top 5 Anime Series Where the Hero Becomes the Villain

Top 5 Anime Series Where the Hero Becomes the Villain

Ever thought about your favourite anime hero switching roles and becoming the bad guy? Well, not every anime follows the usual good-guy-wins plot. This article takes a deep dive into the top 5 anime series where the main character transforms into the antagonist and becomes a villain.

These stories break the usual traditions in anime series and present a completely different viewpoint on the anime world’s complicated morals and character development.

Anime Series Where the Hero Becomes the Villain

Here is the list of the top 5 anime where the main character becomes a villain at the end :

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a masterpiece and award-winning anime. The story is about Eren Yeager, whose mother got killed by a titan. He swore that he would kill every last Titan in this world to make it safe for humans. He got Titan powers after eating his father Grisha Yeager.

Are we supposed to hate Eren Yeager? | by Tamta Shermazanashvili | Medium

Later the people of the island found that humanity also exists outside the walls and that the titans who are humans came from there. There are lots of exciting battles and secrets in the story. It’s a fun and interesting anime and manga that many people like to watch and read.

Tokyo Ghoul

“Tokyo Ghoul” is a story about Kaneki, a regular guy who becomes a half-ghoul after a chance meeting. Ghouls are creatures that eat humans, and Kaneki struggles to live as both a human and a ghoul. The series explores themes of identity, morality, and survival, set against a backdrop of intense action and dark mysteries.

Who Is Ken Kaneki 101: Everything You Wanted To Know - QuotesAnalysis

With its complex characters and thrilling plot, “Tokyo Ghoul” is a popular manga and anime that delves into the challenges of being caught between two worlds.

Death Note

“Death Note” is a cool story about a high school student, Light Yagami, who finds a mysterious notebook called the Death Note. If you write someone’s name in it, they die. Light decides to use it to rid the world of criminals. But things get complicated when a brilliant detective, L, tries to stop him.

Kira Evil Laugh Wallpaper | Death note kira, Slayer anime, Death note

It’s a suspenseful cat-and-mouse game filled with mind games and moral dilemmas. “Death Note” is a thrilling anime and manga that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Code Geass

“Code Geass” follows Lelouch Lamperouge, a high school student who gains a mysterious power called Geass. With the ability to command anyone to obey, Lelouch decides to rebel against a powerful empire to create a better world for his sister. The series is packed with mecha battles, political intrigue, and strategic manoeuvres.

Code Geass Lelouch Wallpaper, Code Geass, Lamperouge - Zero Personaggio Anime (#1689041) - HD Wallpaper & Backgrounds Download

Lelouch’s journey raises questions about power, justice, and sacrifice. “Code Geass” is an exciting and thought-provoking series that blends action and complex storytelling.


“Berserk” is an intense dark fantasy manga and anime that revolves around Guts, a lone mercenary with a tragic past. The story delves into a world filled with demonic entities, war, and betrayal. Guts wields a massive sword, seeking revenge against the demonic forces that haunt him.

The 30+ Best Berserk Quotes

The series explores themes of trauma, survival, and the consequences of one’s choices. Known for its graphic content and intricate narrative, “Berserk” is a gripping tale that delves into the darker aspects of the human experience.

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