Top 10 Turning points in ‘Death Note’ that left everybody SHOCKED!

Top 10 Turning points in ‘Death Note’ that left everybody SHOCKED!

Death Note is the finest anime to start with. It has consistently been recognized among the top anime and has an IMDb rating of 9/10. You will get a general sense of anime by starting with it, and you will undoubtedly fall in love. Although there are many shocking moments in it, here are the Top 10 turning points that shocked everybody. Okay, let’s begin!

10. L tricks Light!

light yagami and l lawliet by tiitaniascarlet d9haml7 fullview 1
L and Light Yagami

Light Yagami, the supposed protagonist of the show, is given the power to kill people in any way and at any time, according to his own rules, and also on the condition that the Shinigami takes the soul of the owner who carries this book in the world. It reduces the number of criminals and makes the police force tense. When L traps Light to reveal his location by creating a facade, Light is shocked and impressed by the rival that gets his game.

9. Naomi’s Death!


At number 9, it’s Naomi’s death. Taking advantage of her emotional state, Light gives the possibility that she can join the task force to help catch her fiancé’s killer. He says he needs to see an ID before she can join. She shows him her driver’s license. He writes Naomi’s name using a fragment of the Death Note. When she asks why he’s looking at his watch. He hesitates for a while and then replies that he does it because he’s Kira.

She slowly walks away from Light, and when Light asks her if she wants to talk to her father, Naomi declines. He then sees her walking towards the road and the scene changes to her walking upstairs with a rope dangling, suggesting that she is committing suicide by hanging himself. Her body was never found due to the specifications that Light made in the Death Note.

8. I’ll take a potato chip and EAT IT!

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At 8, we have the famous scene – “I’ll take a potato chip and EAT IT”. This is one of the most famous scenes of Death Note. It’s so famous that it’s been the format of many memes.

The drama that comes with this simplistic scene of Light eating a potato chip has an underlying evil smirk of his cunningness. As he is still a suspect in Raye Penber’s death, L instructs his team to install surveillance cameras around the suspect’s home. Ryuk senses that and warns Light to be aware of the cameras. Light act cautiously and make sure he doesn’t use his Death Note as freely as he would in private. If he doesn’t watch the criminals on television how will he execute his plans?

If the agency finds out that he’s aware of the criminals and he executes them afterward the suspicion will get even deeper and he’ll be caught. Therefore, he places a mini television inside a packet of potato chips and pretends to do his homework. Amuse with his plan, he declares himself as the god of the new world. We see Light diverging from the path he initially took and now we’re not sure how much we support him. Yet the brilliance of his plan still holds strong even today!

7. Raye Penber’s Death!

Raye Penber

Ray Penber did not believe that Kira could die except with heart failure. Light gave him 8 days to recover from the incident. This gave the FBI time to narrow down his targets to people outside the Yagami clan, immediately casting doubt on him. Shortly before his birthday, he suffered a heart attack. Kira tricked him into writing the names of his FBI colleagues on the Death Note paper. He also threatened to kill him if he didn’t turn around, then showed him evidence of the murder.

Kira gave him an envelope containing the Death Note papers. Ray Penber sat quietly until 4:41 p.m., after doing as Light requested, and then left the envelope. At the same time, he suffered a heart attack, just like 11 other FBI agents.

6. Touching the Death Note again!


Light, who is holding the book in both hands, too lets out a quick, piercing scream. It is all the memories that are suddenly flooding into his head.

However, because it is more persuasive than the other two, Light’s reason for yelling has a greater impact on the chapter. It’s because Light remembers who the real Kira is after touching the Death Note and getting his memories back.

5. Rem Kills L and dies afterward!


He is very intelligent and reached the same conclusion. She was aware that L would discover the truth, and that this would spell Misa’s demise. However, she vowed to protect her till the end, so she decided to kill L to stop Misa from passing away too soon. A Shinigami perishes if they aid a human by prolonging their life in this way. He was aware of this and gave herself to save Misa by killing L and removing her from suspicion.

4. When L meets Light and reveals himself!

maxresdefault 1

‘Encounter’ is the episode where L meets Light Yagami for the first time. At first, everyone thought he went to college just to see the Light of day from afar. However, he decides to take his unexpected path and reveals his identity to Light.
L knew perfectly well that if Light were Kira, he would not risk killing the greatest detective in the world right after the meeting. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is an incredibly bold move by L’s side. Everyone was puzzled to see Kira and L sitting together predicting each other’s next move.

3. Light Yagami’s Death!

Light Yagami

Yes, Light was a psychotic serial killer, but his passing was still very sad. Anyway, Shinigami killed Light after discovering that he was Kira. Even though he had severe injuries, he managed to escape. He went on foot to a building, where he eventually passed away. He had the option of remaining alive and doing time in prison, but Ryuk chose to end his suffering by killing him. This is how Light dies, and it’s one of the most shocking moments in Death Note.

2. Soichiro Yagami’s Death!

DEATH NOTE 29 Large 34
Soichiro Yagami

Throughout Kira’s investigation, Soichiro Yagami believes that his son, Light, is innocent. To prove this, he even kidnaps Light and his girlfriend Misa. He puts them both in a situation where if Light is Kira, he has no choice but to kill him.

Souichiro even writes his name in Death Note, presumably in part to see if Light will stop him or leave him to die. He then attempts to set fire to it, but Light fights for him even more aggressively than Souichiro’s attempts to stop him from writing his name, showing how loyal Light has become to Kira rather than his family. In the end, Soichiro dies due to a heart attack before successfully burning the Death Note.

1. L’s Death!


L was a fan favorite and beloved character, someone we rooted for and regarded as a symbol of justice and goodness, and his death is rightfully considered one of the saddest anime deaths.

In a pivotal episode called “Silence,” he gets very close to exposing Misa as Kira. As Light predicted, Rem, giving in to his love for Misa, kills Watari and L by writing their names in Death Note. He dies of a heart attack and collapses into Light’s arms. This was not only the shocking moment in Death Note but it also disheartened every anime fan!

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