Top 10 Strongest Swordsman in One Piece – 2024

Top 10 Strongest Swordsman in One Piece – 2024

Have you ever wondered who the Strongest Swordsman is in One Piece? Lots of fans have. Roronoa Zoro, the Pirate Hunter, is one of them, but there are more. From the East Blue to the New World’s Land of Wano, many good swordfighters have shown up. In this article, we’ll talk about the top 10 strongest swordfighters in One Piece.

Strongest Swordsman in One Piece – 2024: Roronoa Zoro, Silver Rayleigh and more

10. Kawamatsu

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If you are already at Wano Arc in One Piece you are aware of this character, Kawamatsu is one of the strongest swordsmen in the series. Another member of the Nine Red Scabbardsa, a group of powerful warriors who serve the Kozuki Clan, Kawamatsu wields a powerful sword and is known for his strength and fish-man abilities.

He’s also a skilled fish-man karate practitioner, like Jimbe, using his aquatic abilities in battle. Kawamatsu’s dedication to protecting Wano and his allies makes him a key figure in the fight against the oppressive forces in the Wano.

9. Kyoshiro(Denjiro)

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Denjiro is also a member of the Nine Red Scabbards, a group of powerful warriors who serve the Kozuki Clan. He is known for his intelligence and works as a spy to collect information. His loyalty and strategic acumen significantly contribute to the rebellion’s efforts. Kyoshiro’s enigmatic past and dedication to the Kozuki Clan make him a pivotal figure in the ongoing struggle for Wano’s freedom.

He is a significant character in One Piece, hailing from the Wano Country. He initially posed as a loyal servant of Orochi, the shogun, to secretly aid the Kozuki Clan. If you haven’t watched Wano yet, you should go for it.

8. Brook

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Brook has created a separate fan base due to his humorous character and tremendous fighting skills. Even though he has one of the saddest pasts among all the crew members, he always strives to uplift his comrades’ spirits with his beautiful singing.

One of Brook’s most distinguishing features is his ability to detach and control his soul, enabling him to explore the world as a spirit. He wields the Soul Solid, a sword with ice-based powers that he employs in combat. Despite his skeletal form, Brook is a skilled swordsman and an agile fighter.

7. Trafalgar D. Water Law

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He’s the captain of the Heart Pirates and a former member of the Worst Generation, a group of supernovas known for their tremendous power and potential. Law is recognized for his calm and calculated behaviors, often contrasting the chaotic nature of the One Piece world.

One of Law’s defining abilities is his mastery of the “Ope Ope no Mi” Devil Fruit, which grants him the power to create a spherical territory called a “Room” where he can manipulate objects and even perform surgical operations on living beings. This ability makes him a formidable combatant.

6. Charlotte Cracker

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He is one of the formidable members of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the strongest protectors of Whole Cake Island. He has been quite famous for his strength and sword skills. Possessing the “Biscuit-Biscuit Fruit,” a Paramecia Devil Fruit, he can conjure iron-hard biscuits at will. His combat skills, augmented by Busoshoku Haki, make him a powerful enemy.

In the “Whole Cake Island” arc, Cracker serves as a significant obstacle to the Straw Hat Pirates, engaging in a memorable battle with Monkey D. Luffy. His eerie appearance and combat prowess make him a compelling character in “One Piece.”

5. Fujitora (Issho)

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Everyone is aware of this character from the Dressrosa Arc. He is one of the three admirals of the Marines and is blind but formidable. Fujitora’s character challenges the World Government’s corruption and moral dilemmas, as introduced during the Dressrosa Arc. His empathy for civilians and his willingness to confront injustice makes him a complex and captivating addition to the series.

Fujitora’s swordsmanship is characterized by his ability to predict and effectively counter his opponents’ moves. His strikes are precise and deadly, allowing him to effortlessly defend against attacks, even from powerful enemies. His combat style, combining swordsmanship with gravity manipulation from his Devil Fruit, creates a formidable and unpredictable fighting technique.

4. Silvers Rayleigh

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Silvers Rayleigh, known as the “Dark King,” is a legendary character in the “One Piece” series. He is a former member of the Roger Pirates, led by Gol D. Roger himself. Rayleigh is a masterful swordsman, and Haki user, and possesses immense knowledge of the world’s mysteries. After the Roger Pirates disbanded, he became a recluse and settled on the Sabaody Archipelago, concealing his true identity.

When the Straw Hat Pirates encountered him, he played an important role in teaching Luffy advanced Haki techniques. Rayleigh’s enigmatic past, immense strength, and mentorship make him a vital and intriguing character in the “One Piece” world.

3. Roronoa Zoro

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He wields a unique three-sword style, displaying exceptional swordsmanship, and aspires to become the world’s greatest swordsman. Zoro’s unwavering dedication, loyalty, and unyielding honor define his character. He continually hones his skills through rigorous training and battles, embodying resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

As a vital member of the crew, Zoro’s commitment to Captain Monkey D. Luffy and his crewmates drives him to confront powerful foes and overcome challenges, earning him a reputation as one of the series’ most iconic and powerful characters.

2. Red-Haired Shanks

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Shanks, also known as “Red-Haired Shanks,” commands the Red Hair Pirates and holds the esteemed title of Emperor of the Sea. His journey began as a young apprentice with the Roger Pirates, with whom he sailed since childhood, eventually forming his crew. Throughout the series, Shanks assumes a significant supporting role, frequently appearing alongside Luffy as the latter’s pirate reputation skyrockets.

Twelve years ago, in the East Blue, Shanks made a profound sacrifice, relinquishing his left arm to save his youthful companion, Monkey D. Luffy, from a watery demise. Presently, he stands as one of the most formidable characters within the expansive One Piece universe, carrying the weight of high fan expectations.

1. Dracule Mihawk

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Mihawk stands as one of the most formidable fighters in the world of One Piece, often depicted as being on par with, if not stronger than, the legendary “Red-Haired” Shanks. Roronoa Zoro, driven by an unwavering desire to reach and surpass Mohawk’s prowess, tirelessly hones his skills. Fans of One Piece eagerly anticipate Mihawk’s future battles, eager to witness his unparalleled combat abilities.

Additionally, Mihawk holds the distinction of being the first member introduced among the Seven Warlords of the Sea. As the series approaches its climax, the moment for the World’s Strongest Swordsman to take center stage and shine brilliantly is drawing near.

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