Top 10 Manhwa (Korean Manga) to Read for Beginners

Top 10 Manhwa (Korean Manga) to Read for Beginners
Top 10 Manhwa (Korean Manga) to Read for Beginners

Manhwa, the Korean equivalent of manga, has gained significant popularity worldwide in recent years. Known for its unique storytelling and stunning artwork, manhwa offers a diverse range of genres and captivating narratives. If you’re a beginner looking to explore the world of manhwa, this article presents a detailed guide to the top 10 manhwa series that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Top 10 Manhwa (Korean Manga) to Read for Beginners

“Solo Leveling” by Chu-Gong


This action-packed fantasy manhwa follows the story of Sung Jin-Woo, a weak hunter who finds himself becoming stronger after being trapped in a dangerous game-like world. With breathtaking illustrations and intense battles, “Solo Leveling” is a must-read for fans of action and adventure.

“The God of High School” by Yongje Park

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Combining martial arts, supernatural powers, and a thrilling tournament, this manhwa revolves around Jin Mori’s journey to become the strongest high school fighter. With stunning fight scenes and charismatic characters, “The God of High School” offers an exhilarating reading experience.

“Tower of God” by SIU

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In this epic fantasy manhwa, the protagonist, Bam, enters a massive tower to find his lost friend. Each floor of the tower presents a unique challenge and introduces fascinating characters. “Tower of God” boasts an intricate plot, complex world-building, and breathtaking artwork.

“Noblesse” by Son Jeho and Lee Kwangsu

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This supernatural manhwa revolves around Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, a powerful noble vampire who awakens after 820 years of slumber. With a mix of action, comedy, and drama, “Noblesse” explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the responsibilities of power.

“Sweet Home” by Youngchan Hwang and Carnby Kim

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If you’re a fan of horror and psychological thrillers, “Sweet Home” is a captivating manhwa to dive into. Set in a world plagued by monstrous creatures, the story follows the struggle for survival of a group of apartment residents. With intense suspense and well-developed characters, this series keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

“Bastard” by Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang

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“Bastard” (My personal favorite) is a psychological thriller that delves into the mind of a twisted killer and the son who must confront him. With a dark and unsettling atmosphere, the manhwa expertly explores themes of morality and the complexities of human nature.

“True Beauty” by Yaongyi

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In this romantic comedy, the protagonist, Ju Kyung, transforms herself with makeup and becomes the epitome of beauty. However, hiding her true appearance proves challenging when she develops feelings for the popular boy at her school. “True Beauty” is a lighthearted and relatable series that addresses the pressures of societal beauty standards.

“Lookism” by Taejoon Park

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Exploring themes of bullying, discrimination, and personal growth, “Lookism” follows the story of Daniel Park, a victim of constant physical and emotional abuse. After an unexpected turn of events, he gains a new body and starts a journey of self-discovery. With its thought-provoking narr

“Cheese in the Trap” by Soonkki

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This slice-of-life romance manhwa offers a realistic portrayal of college life and relationships. Yoo Jung, an enigmatic senior, captures the attention of Hong Seol, an ordinary student. As their relationship progresses, secrets and hidden motives come to light.

“The Breaker” by Jeon Geuk-jin and Park Jin-hwan

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“The Breaker” is a martial arts manhwa that follows the life of a high school student named Shi-Woon Yi, who becomes involved in the dangerous world of martial arts after meeting his new teacher, Chun-Woo Han. With intense fight sequences, intricate plot twists, and compelling character development, “The Breaker” offers an adrenaline-pumping reading experience.

With this we are wrapping up the list Top 10 Manhwa. You can also check out: Top 10 anime with huge fan-base

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