Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Can Takemitchy save Hina and Toman this time?

Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Can Takemitchy save Hina and Toman this time?

As Takemichi Hanagaki tries his best to save Mikey, Tokyo Revengers has announced plans to return for a new arc of the anime with Season 3 of the anime! The Tokyo Revengers anime recently wrapped up Season 2. Taking on the Christmas Showdown arc from Ken Wakui’s now completed Tokyo Revengers manga, Tokyo Revengers Season 2 was one of the more quiet hits of the season as it released with Disney+ and Hulu. But thankfully the Tokyo Revengers anime has announced plans to continue with a major new arc. 

Following the final episode of Tokyo Revengers Season 2, it was announced that the Tokyo Revengers anime will be continuing with a new arc, Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc. This new arc introduces a massive new group in the past now that Toman has been thrown into wack. It features one of the most fearsome gang leaders yet in Izana Kurokawa. He’s at the center of the newest trailer and poster for Tokyo Revengers Season 3 that you can check out above and below: 

Tokyo Revengers Season 3: What to expect

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 will be tackling the Tenjiku Arc from Ken Wakui’s original Tokyo Revengers manga, and it is one of the longest arcs in the manga overall. The Tokyo Revengers anime has yet to reveal a release window for the next season.

In Tokyo Revengers season 2 we saw that Kisaki Tetta was kicked out of Toman. Then he joins Tenjiku gang along with Hanma. We saw that Tenjiku gang members pick fight with Toman first division members. Then 300 gang members comes to Shibuya to destroy Toman. Chifuyu fights them alone so that Takemitchy can get Akkun to a safe place but later gets caught. In the last part of final episode, we saw Kisaki Tetta in Tenjiku Gang uniform. He calls Takemitchy “Hero”. Does this mean he wants to win love of Hina? Or he knows about Takemitchy Time Travel?

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