The Boy and the Heron India release date: Everything we know so far

The Boy and the Heron India release date: Everything we know so far

The most recent creation from Studio Ghibli by Hayao Miyazaki, The Boy and the Heron, has made its debut. While the film had already been released in Japan a few months ago, it reached the US audience in mid-December. Fans from around the world, particularly those in India, are eagerly anticipating the chance to experience Miyazaki’s masterpiece on the big screen. Here’s all the information we have on The Boy and the Heron India release date.

The Boy and the Heron is a beautifully animated film with a heartwarming story. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. Fans are excited because this might be also the last work of Miyazaki.

The Boy and the Heron India release date

The Boy and the Heron' English Dub Trailer Takes Wing | Animation Magazine

As of now, there is no indication of a theatrical release for The Boy and the Heron in India, and there have been no official announcements. This absence of news is disappointing for Ghibli fans in the country, especially considering the recent interest shown by various distribution companies in capturing the Indian anime fan base.

Notably, PVRs and IMAX, which have actively collaborated with distributors, as seen during the release of Suzume in India, do not seem to be bringing a glimmer of hope this time.

The Boy and the Heron initially premiered in Japan on July 14, 2023, followed by screenings in the United States on December 8, 2023, and most recently in the United Kingdom. Fans in India will have to stay tuned for any updates on the release date in their region.


Studio Ghibli's The Boy And The Heron Has Secured An Aussie Cinema Release In December

The movie is about a boy named Mahito who is sad because his mom passed away. He moves to a new town with his dad and stepmom. In the new place, he meets a heron that can talk. The heron tells Mahito that his mom is still alive in a magical world, and Mahito can go there if he’s brave.

Mahito decides to go on an adventure to the magical world. There, he meets lots of strange and cool creatures. He also learns more about his mom’s past and how things work after someone dies.

During his journey, Mahito has to face his fears and learn important stuff about nature, family, and friends.

In the end, Mahito finds his mom in the magical world, but they can only be together for a short time. This helps Mahito accept that his mom is gone and understand that he can keep living his own life.

Where to watch The Boy and the Heron online?

Currently, the only way to watch The Boy and the Heron is in theatres. The release on OTT platforms is expected to happen in a few months, so for now, the cinematic experience is the way to go. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer below.

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