SPY x FAMILY Season 2: Will Loid reach Desmond this time?

SPY x FAMILY Season 2: Will Loid reach Desmond this time?

Good news, Forger fans! We have an official release window for SPY x FAMILY season 2 and the movie, now titled SPY x FAMILY CODE: White, thanks to a panel at AnimeJapan 2023. SPY x FAMILY season two will release in October 2023. The spin-off movie will release two months later in Japan on December 22.

SPY x FAMILY is a co-production between two major anime studios: WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks. According to animation producer Kazuki Yamanaka, it’s a collaboration that’ll continue into the next season, too (via Crunchyroll).

“I think the kind of combination between two studios will continue as one of the basic production ways. It’s dependent on a relationship among the animation producers at each studio. People can watch the end credits and see many studios that support any title, so there are many good relationships between many studios,” Yamanaka said.

“So yes, that can happen more in the future, too. With SPY x FAMILY, WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks are the main two, but there are other studios like MADHOUSE that supported the production as well. That kind of collaboration will continue.”

SPY x FAMILY: Everything we know till now

spy x family

SPY x FAMILY season one was released in two halves across 2022 and became a global sensation. An absurd mix of found-family and 1960s screwball spy comedy, the show is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

As soon as we met SPY x FAMILY‘s weird and wonderful Forger family, we fell in love. Whether it’s the super spy (and super dad) instincts of Loid, the unhinged reactions of elite assassin Yor, or the adorable telepathic antics of Anya, the show has something for everyone.

Its unique stylings secured it a spot on our top anime of 2022 list, but we were all left wanting when the season-one finale aired on Christmas Eve. Luckily, the fine folks at CloverWorks anticipated our reactions and have already confirmed that SPY x FAMILY season two is on the way. On top of that, we also found out we’re getting a SPY x FAMILY movie!

SPY x FAMILY season 2 and movie plot: What will happen in SPY x FAMILY season 2?

SPY x FAMILY season one covered roughly six volumes (37 chapters) of the manga, so we’d expect a second season to cover a similar amount of ground. At the time of writing, there are roughly five volumes worth of stories that remain unadapted (chapters 37-72), which should be plenty for another 25-episode season of SPY x FAMILY.

Given the next five volumes are already available, there are tons of spoilers out there for fans curious about what’s next. Without going into too much detail, we’re particularly excited for a future arc centered on a very special family cruise.

We’re also excited to see whether Anya gets her iconic toy sniper rifle, something voice actress Megan Shipman weighed in on recently.

“I wish! Shipman said. “I love all the art of her with her little toy bubble gun. She probably thinks that it is a laser gun, but yeah, there’s a really great arc. And it’s Anya trying to save the day. And she tries so hard.

But what about that SPY x FAMILY movie? Now we officially have a title, SPY x FAMILY CODE: White, and a brand new teaser visual. The snow on the poster coupled with the December release date makes us think we’ll be getting some festive shenanigans, but we’ll have to wait and see for more plot details.

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