Solo leveling plans for 6 Seasons According to leaks

Solo leveling

An article was posted on the Bella free by D&C media regarding new information on Solo Leveling and the future of Webtoons. According to D&C media, Solo Leveling Season 1 (Cour 2) plans to start airing later this year and there are plans for 6 seasons.

Solo leveling plans for 6 Seasons

Solo Leveling Season 2 (Cour 2) is eagerly anticipated to debut later this year, with plans in place for six seasons of thrilling content. Moreover, there are promising signs indicating a potential surge in sales for webtoon production companies.

“It is positive that this year, Nahon Level-up animations have been aired on OTT, including Netflix, including global streamer Crunchy Roll. It has been open from January to the current episode 11 and will be aired until March. With Cour 2 starting to air in the second half of the year, likely, Webtun’s sales will also expand as it plans to last until the total 6 seasons.” according to D&C media.

Take this with a grain of salt for the time being as it is the Korean side’s initial plan and may not represent the final choice made by the Japanese side.  A teaser visual was also posted along with the information.

With this much information, we may conclude that everything from the manhwa and maybe some additional portion from the novel which was cut from the manhwa towards the end cause of the artist’s health, will be covered in animation, assuming all courses would be of 12-13 episodes.

As Season 1 (Cour 1) of Solo Leveling is coming to an end this month, this is heartwarming news for all fans. We may get to see a piece of official information regarding Season 2 at the end of the last episode or via a tweet or trailer from the production studio.

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