Exploring Solo Leveling’s Hunter Ranking System and Reawakening

Solo Leveling: Hunter Ranking and Classification

It is time to look at Solo Leveling: Hunter Ranking and Classification. Solo Leveling is a recently released anime based on the original Manhwa. The anime unfolds in a world on the brink of chaos, besieged by the emergence of mysterious gates leading to dungeons filled with deadly creatures. The emergence of these gates gave rise to the Hunters. These Hunters have certain magical powers that boost various attributes including physical skills and thus magic became an integral part of this world. Let’s dive into the article to learn more about the world of Solo Leveling.

Classification of Hunters in Solo Leveling

Hunters are ranked in descending order according to the amount of mana they have. S-Rank is the highest, with only the strongest Hunters, while E-Rank is the lowest. Sung Jinwoo the protagonist of the anime is an E-rank Hunter with the title “Weakest Hunter of All Mankind”. Beyond the rankings, Hunters are classified as combatants or non-combatants, and Guilds are made up of varied proportions of both.

Solo Leveling Hunter Ranking System Tiers, Roles, and Jin-Woo's Journey

Hunters fall into one of six Classes: Fighters, Mages, Assassins, Tankers, Rangers, and Healers. Hunters conduct raids on Gates that are the same rank or lower. After defeating the boss, the dungeon gate closes automatically in a few minutes. Hunters are awarded based on stones and other items they collect from these dungeons.

Generally, the amount of mana in a Hunter is fixed on awakening and cannot be increased so the rank of a Hunter is fixed unless one undergoes reawakening like Sung Jinwoo.

But there are “False Hunters” also. These are known for controlling their mana output and registering themselves in lower ranks. On raids, they would kill fellow Hunters for their fun and some motive.

What is Reawakening Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling - KeulmadangJinwoo reawakens in the third episode of Solo Levelling following his adventure in the Double Dungeon. Reawakening also known as “Second Awakening” refers to gaining new powers and increased mana which leads a Hunter to rank up to B-class, A-class, or even S-class. Reawakening is an Extremely Rare Phenomenon. Only a few hunters have experienced the Second Awakening.

On the brink of death, Jinwoo gets a system notification to start a game like an RPG game, failing to start he would have died. He gets a personal game-like system that only he can see. Two Hunter Association officials interview him about the entire incident, inform him of the current state of the survivors, and perform a special test since, according to the survivors’ claims, only a powerful Hunter could have survived. Suspecting that Jinwoo had a “Second Awakening,” the officials immediately dismiss their concern when it is revealed that Jinwoo’s position has not altered in the least, demonstrating the alleged rarity of the phenomena.

Sung Jinwoo’s Reawakening

Solo Leveling anime surprises fans with exclusive early premiere events - Hindustan TimesReawakening is the evolution of power, a dynamic process that goes beyond physical strength. Jinwoo’s transformation from a low-level hunter to a formidable “player” exemplifies this growth. He started his daily training based on a daily quest that failing to complete would lead to a penalty. After completing them he gets points which can be used to increase abilities and leveling up increases all abilities by 1.

With each level and ability obtained, he moves beyond the limitations of his previous self, gaining new abilities and mastering esoteric techniques. He also gets new and powerful weapons for defeating bosses on raids. Despite his rise to power, Jinwoo stays grounded in his humanity, struggling with the moral implications of his newfound might and the weight of his responsibilities.


In “Solo Leveling,” the topic of reawakening serves as a foundation around which the story unfolds, a tribute to the human psyche’s resilient spirit and ability for progress. Sung Jinwoo’s quest for self-discovery and empowerment inspires readers to start on their journeys of reawakening, facing the obstacles ahead with firm resolution and unyielding commitment. In the universe of “Solo Levelling,” the path of reawakening is more than just a plot device; it is a profound reflection on the human condition and the never-ending desire for self-realization.

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