Solo Leveling New Recap Episode Receives Lowest Rating on Crunchyroll

Solo Leveling New Recap Episode Receives Lowest Rating

There is no denying the success of the South Korean series “Solo Leveling,” as seen by the approval of a live-action version and its popular webcomic. All eyes are currently on the anime adaptation as it develops each week.

However, a recent episode has generated a lot of debate and is currently the most disliked episode on Crunchyroll. Because it was essentially a recap, the controversial episode, “How to Get Stronger,” or episode 7.5, caused a great deal of anger among viewers.

Solo Leveling Receives Lowest Rating on Crunchyroll

The recent “Solo Leveling” recap episode on Crunchyroll left viewers feeling let down, as seen by the program’s very low like-to-dislike ratio. There is a notable difference in the numbers as of right now, with the recap episode receiving over  63.8K dislikes but less than 31k likes.

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Fans’ anger is evident, and they are mostly upset over the sudden release of a recap episode, particularly at this early point in the season. Since there were so few episodes, viewers anticipated that each one would advance the primary plot rather than serve as a recap.

Due to its single-course style, the anime, which is produced by A-1 Pictures, has a limited number of weeks remaining before its season ends.

Reason for Unannounced Recap Episode

However, the main voice actor’s illness might have been a natural outcome of the unannounced recap episode. Recognized for providing Sung Jin-Woo’s voice in the “Solo Leveling” series, Taito Ban recently tested positive for the coronavirus.

Ban communicated with the fan base via X in an update, providing details about his health. The performer took a moment to thank the crowd for their steadfast support during this difficult time and apologized for any difficulty this unexpected hiatus may have caused.

Where to watch Solo Leveling Episodes?

Solo Leveling Episodes is set to air on Japanese television channels, including Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, CBC, and YTV. For audiences in North America and Europe, Crunchyroll will simulcast the episode approximately one hour after its original Japanese TV broadcast.

In India, viewers can catch the episode and stay updated on the release schedule through Crunchyroll. Medialink holds the broadcasting rights for China. It’s essential to keep in mind that access to each streaming platform requires a membership for viewing.

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