Solo Leveling: Arise release date, pre-registration details and more

Solo Leveling: Arise

Solo Levelling: Arise will launch as the first game based on the popular Korean series and be available on PC and mobile devices. According to Netmarble, pre-registrations for Solo Levelling: Arise have soared to over 12 million, suggesting a positive trajectory similar to the broad popularity of its inspiration, the original manhwa and anime series.

For those who are unaware, Solo Leveling: Arise is a vibrant role-playing game that is part of the popular Netmarble mobile gaming franchise. Inspired by the popular Korean manhwa Solo Leveling, Netmarble first debuted an intriguing trailer for Solo Leveling: Arise at G-STAR 2022, which left fans clamouring for the game’s upcoming release date.

Solo Leveling: Arise release date

Solo Leveling: ARISE, a highly anticipated action game from Netmarble, is officially scheduled to launch on May 8th for both PC and mobile platforms.

An incredible 12 million fans from all over the world have eagerly joined up since pre-registration opened in March, prepared to join Sung Jinwoo on his epic journey through the fascinating world of Solo Leveling.

As you go around exploring different places and fighting tough challenges with your group, you’ll battle fast against lots of different enemies to beat them and move up.

You’ll get to gather and team up with hunters from the series, grab various items and weapons, and learn new skills and abilities along the way.

Solo Leveling: Arise  pre-registration methods and benefits

To pre-register for Solo Leveling: Arise, you have several options:

Choose whichever method works best for you and get ready to embark on your journey in the game!

Pre-registration remains open until May 8, 2024, marking the deadline to secure exclusive pre-registration rewards. These rewards, as detailed on the title’s official website, include:

  • Legendary artefact sets
  • Chick Black Suit costume for Sung Jinwoo
  • Two Mana Power Crystals for each attribute
  • 100K gold
  • Free character: Yoo Jinho

Act swiftly to ensure you don’t miss out on these enticing bonuses!

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