Oshi no Ko Episode 8 Delayed: Check new date, time and where to watch

Oshi no Ko Episode 8 Delayed: Check new date, time and where to watch

When Oshi no Ko first aired this year, it immediately rose to the top of the list of must-see shows. Although the idol manga may appear flashy from the outside, fans will tell you that the story is everything from lighthearted. The popular anime series by Aka Akasaka has some highly unexpected turns that have left viewers wanting more. But regrettably, they will have to contend with a future delay.

Episode 8 of Oshi no Ko has been postponed. Episode 7 of the anime was released yesterday, but the production crew is already planning for episode 8. Oshi no Ko episode 8 will no longer be released on May 31st since the team has postponed its release.

Instead, the next Oshi no Ko episode will now air on June 7th. Oshi no Ko intends to make up for the delay by providing supporters with a special programme on May 31. The special will function as a kind of compilation to acquaint new viewers with the show.

Oshi no Ko Recap

Oshi no Ko ep 7

The preceding two episodes were centred on Akane, who attempted suicide after being a victim of toxic cyberbullying. The good news is that Aqua showed up just in time to prevent her from jumping from a bridge. Oshi no Ko’s seventh episode astonished viewers when one of the contestant, Akane, pulled off a daring action that drastically altered the course of the match. A range of emotions were shown in Episode 7, from heartbreaking scenes to endearing demonstrations of camaraderie. But what stole the show and had spectators on the edge of their seats was Akane’s stunning makeover. Akane’s dating show coworkers attempted to improve her reputation. Along with Aqua, the production team chose to create a video that used some previously unaired Akane-focused show material.

Where to watch Oshi no Ko Episode 8

Oshi no Ko Episode 8 will only be accessible via HIDIVE, which is accessed via the HIDIVE app, website, or an Amazon Prime account. The episode will premiere on June 7 at 23:00 JST (11:00 PM JST). So make a note of the dates and get ready to return to the world of Oshi no Ko.

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