Oshi no Ko Anime English Dub Cast, Premiere Announced

Oshi no Ko Anime English Dub Cast, Premiere Announced

Oshi no Ko’s plot and themes have made it a household reputation among anime lovers after several weeks of episode releases. The series unflinchingly examines celebrity and idol culture throughout the world and how the fostering of parasocial interactions may lead individuals to behave impulsively and make decisions that have unreversible effects.

Despite the fact that viewers have been adoring the series’ original Japanese dub with English subtitles so far, some viewers are pleading for an English dub. Thankfully, the wait for an English adaptation of the Oshi no Ko anime series is almost over, as HIDIVE revealed on Wednesday, May 17.

Release Date and Cast

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The English dub for HIDIVE’s Oshi no Ko anime series will start streaming on May 24, 2023, at 4 PM UTC, the company said on Wednesday. Shannon D. Reed will helm the English dub and the whole English cast has already been revealed. Reed has a wealth of experience in English dubbing, including credits for Baki, Clannad, Haikyu!, and more.

The full English dub cast for the series is as follows:

  • Donna Bella Litton as Ai Hoshino
  • Jack Stansbury as Aqua
  • Alyssa Marek as Ruby / Ruby (Young)
  • Chaney Moore as Aqua (Young)
  • Jeremy Gee as Goro
  • Savanna Menzel as Sarina
  • Natalie Rial as Kana
  • Brandon Hearnsberger as Ichigo
  • Chistina Kelly as Miyako
  • Ty Mahany as Taishi

About Oshi no Ko

oshi no ok

On April 12, the first episode of the series had its Japanese debut. It was 90 minutes long. The anime has been the service’s “#1 launch in the streamer’s history,” according to HIDIVE, which only broadcasts the show. At Studio Doga Kobo, the series is being directed by Daisuke Hiramaki and Chao Nekotomi, with Jin Tanaka handling the screenplay. The characters are being designed by Kanna Hirayama. The series’ opening theme song, Idol, is performed by YOASOBI. And Queen Bee sings Mephisto, the film’s closing theme tune.

Oshi no Ko centers on a gynecologist called Goro who is an admirer of Ai Hoshino and is perplexed as to why she has taken a break from acting. The two then start to form a relationship after he enters his office and discovers that pregnant Ai is his patient. Goro, however, is killed shortly after and later reincarnates as Aqua, Ai’s little son. After becoming a mother for a number of years, Ai is brutally murdered, and Goro (now Aqua) commits himself to exacting revenge.

The blockbuster song “Idol” by YOASOBI, which serves as the theme song for Oshi no Ko, has taken over the music industry and is shattering streaming records left and right. “Idol” is the 13th song to exceed the significant milestone of 100 million streams.

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