“I am not involved with One Punch Man Season 3”, Here is what creator Yusuke Murata said

Yusuke Murata Studio is not developing One Punch Man Season 3

Famous Japanese manga artist and illustrator, best known for his work on the popular manga series One Punch Man revealed that his studio is not anyhow associated with the One Punch Man Season 3 development. Instead, Yusuke’s studio is working on its own independent project. Here is what we know about the latest One Punch Man Season 3 news.

Yusuke Murata confirmed that his studio is not involved in the production of the highly anticipated third season. In a statement on his X handle, Murata clarified that the animation production for Season 3 is not his own project, raising questions and sparking discussions among fans about what this means for the future of the beloved series.

Yusuke Murata Studio is not developing One Punch Man Season 3

The above translation says:

By the way, I am not involved in the third season of One Punch Man anime. The animation production is my own project

The rumors gained traction when Murata’s departure from MAPPA, the studio responsible for the second season of “One Punch Man,” coincided with the announcement of his new studio. Fans, excited by the prospect of Murata’s direct involvement in the animation production of Season 3, speculated that his studio’s maiden project could be none other than the continuation of the beloved series.

So, does this mean One Punch Man Season 3 ain’t happening? Actually, no, that is not the case here. In fact, OPM 3 production is in full swing. To solidify this news, Saito Ishikawa, who is also known to play the role of Geno in One Punch Man confirmed on X, that he has already started with its work and will appear soon.

Is there a One Punch Man Season 3 release date?

One Punch Man Season 3 - Murata and his Studio is not into development

Unfortunately, there has not been any positive development regarding its release date. Fans of One-Punch Man can breathe easier as rumours suggest a possible return in late 2024. Voice actor Saito Ishikawa also hinted at the release of Season 3 alongside other projects like My Hero Academia Season 7.

Though not confirmed, this news is a ray of hope after a prolonged wait, likely due to COVID-19 disruptions. Disappointment loomed when the series was absent from Jump Festa 2024, but anticipation rose for Anime Japan in March 2024. Amidst uncertainties, fans eagerly await official confirmation, marking the end of a lengthy hiatus and the return of their beloved superhero series.

One Punch Man Season 2 Recap

Season 2 of One-Punch Man throws our bored hero, Saitama, and his cyborg disciple, Genos, into a storm of new challenges. The mysterious Hero Hunter Garou emerges, targeting powerful heroes while losing his own memory in a Saitama encounter. Meanwhile, Saitama seeks fame in the Super Fight Tournament, exposing the fraud of the seemingly powerful King and clashing with a disillusioned martial artist turned monstrous.

Lurking in the shadows, a mysterious organization sends assassins and experiments after Saitama, unaware of his true strength. As the season ends, questions rise: Will Garou, with his regained memories, seek revenge? What becomes of the monstrous Suiryu? And what are the organization’s true motives?

With Saitama’s one-punch solutions leaving more problems than answers, season 2 sets the stage for an exciting continuation, brimming with humour, action, and a growing mystery surrounding the strongest man alive. So buckle up, because in the world of One-Punch Man, even a single punch can create a world of chaos.

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