Is Boruto Chapter 80 the last appearance of Naruto and Hinata?

Is Boruto Chapter 80 the last appearance of Naruto and Hinata?
Is Boruto Chapter 80 the last appearance of Naruto and Hinata?

In the latest Boruto Chapter 80, Naruto and Hinata will be seen together for what may be their last appearance in the series. Fans are concerned that they will be written out of the story and retired from action, similar to what happened to another character, Gojo. It is believed that Naruto and Hinata will be placed in the background and only reappear once they are unsealed. This has left fans anxious about the future of the manga and what it means for the beloved characters.

Naruto and Hinata Trapped in Daikokuten Dimension

We see Naruto and Hinata rendered unconscious and trapped in the Daikokuten dimension, with Kawaki taking responsibility for their safety. He claims that Naruto will remain safe as long as he remains closed off and that he will only release him once he has dealt with the threats posed by Code and Boruto.

The situation appears to suggest that Naruto and Hinata have been forcibly retired from the conflict, and are being held captive until Kawaki can neutralize the threats to Naruto’s life. However, this conflict may not be resolved anytime soon, as Kawaki is determined to take whatever measures necessary to ensure Naruto’s safety.

This turn of events is unsettling, as it implies that Naruto and Hinata may be used as bargaining chips in the ongoing conflict. It is unclear what will happen if Kawaki is unable to resolve the situation quickly, or if the threats to Naruto’s life continue to escalate. Fans of the series will undoubtedly be eager to see how this storyline unfolds, and what it means for the future of Naruto and the other characters. The stakes have never been higher, and it remains to be seen how the conflict will ultimately be resolved.

Furthermore, Kawaki has managed to completely alter history, causing Boruto to lose everything he held dear, including his loved ones, friends, and even his home village. As a result, Boruto is now being pursued by those who were once his allies, as they falsely believe he is responsible for Naruto’s death.

The situation has become increasingly complex, as Boruto must now fight against both Kawaki and Code in order to restore the world to its former state. It will likely take a great deal of time and effort to undo the damage that has been done, and it remains to be seen if Boruto will be able to succeed.

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