Heavenly Delusion episode 7: Release date, time, and where to watch

Heavenly Delusion episode 7: Release date, time, and where to watch
Heavenly Delusion episode 7: Release date, time, and where to watch

The seventh episode of Heavenly Delusion is all set to be released on May 13, 2023, at 22:00 JST or 7:30 PM IST on Disney+ Hotstar. However, this is a time for Japan and can be different for different countries. The next episode of Heavenly Delusion is coming soon, It has been named “Immortal Order”. It’s not delayed or canceled, and it will show Maru and Tokio exploring Heaven. There will be 13 episodes in total, and Episode 7 will be released soon.

Heavenly Delusion Plot

The setting of this story is a post-apocalyptic world known as the ‘Collapse’, where humanity is struggling to survive in desolate and barren terrain. There are two distinct sections of society, each oblivious to the other’s existence. One group lives in a safe haven, protected by sturdy walls, and enjoys a life free from danger and scarcity. Meanwhile, the other group, consisting of two teenagers, Maru and Kiruko, struggles to survive in the harsh and unforgiving world outside. They face numerous threats, ranging from human danger to unearthly beings. In contrast, a group of students living within the walls receives ample facilities and opportunities to hone their mental and physical skills.

Heavenly Delusion episode 7 Release time worldwide

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Fans worldwide can catch the release of Heavenly Delusion episode 7, named Immortal Order, on Saturday, May 13, 2023. However, the release time will differ across various time zones, while the release date remains the same for all. Here are the timings for the international release of the new episode of Heavenly Delusion:

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What to expect in Heavenly Delusion Episode 7?

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Well before that, let’s recap the sixth episode where we saw, Kiruko and Maru reached a location they thought had safe water, but it was a trap. They fought and defeated a bear, saving the inn owner. In Heaven, Sawatari discovered Tokio infiltrated the incubation room, while Tokio and Kona became intimate.

In Heavenly Delusion episode 7, Immortal Order, Kiruko and Maru finally reach their destination but find an organization hostile to the fabled doctor who can grant immortality. They are requested to help and continue their search for Dr. Usami.

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