Goku Voice Actor Performs Kamehameha as a Tribute to Akira Toriyama

Goku Voice Actor

The newest installment of the beloved Dragon Ball anime series, Dragon Ball Daima, will debut on Japanese television on Fuji TV in the fall of 2024. Masako Nozawa, the legendary voice of Goku, took center stage during Fuji TV’s anime upfront announcement on March 11. Nozawa performed Goku’s iconic move, the Kamehameha, in an emotional tribute to the late Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, who passed away on March 1.

Goku Voice Actor Masako Nozawa Performs Kamehameha as a Tribute

The agency representing Nozawa, Aoni Production, released an emotional video of her Kamehameha performance live. In the tweet that went along with it, Nozawa reaffirmed her resolve to play Goku with unyielding devotion, saying that she will “play the role with all her being.”

Nozawa reflected on the Dragon Ball franchise’s lasting legacy, remembering its rich past and admitting to the ongoing challenge of avoiding spoilers. “Dragon Ball is a work that always makes you excited to see what will happen next,” she said, laughing.

Being in the part makes me happy all the time, but I try not to talk to others about it because I feel like I’m going to reveal to them what will happen in the series.”

Preserving Toriyama’s Vision is the Primary Objective

Dragon Ball Daima’s executive producer and head of Capsule Corporation Tokyo, Akio Iyoku, commended the series and highlighted Toriyama’s painstaking attention to detail in creating a narrative, characters, and mechanical designs unlike anything seen in previous Dragon Ball films.

He praised Toriyama for his commitment to crafting a well-researched, polished story that was packed with action and adventure. “[Daima] captures the essence of Dragon Ball’s fun,” said Iyoku.

In the Fall of 2024, Dragon Ball Daima will make its debut on Sundays on Fuji TV in Japan. Fans all across the world are getting more and more excited for the newest installment of the Dragon Ball story, even though a precise release date has not yet been revealed.

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