Florida school removes Assassination Classroom manga due to violent content

Florida school removes Assassination Classroom manga due to violent content
Florida school removes Assassination Classroom manga due to violent content

Gifford Middle School in Florida has decided to remove the manga series “Assassination Classroom” from its library shelves due to its violent content. Assassination Classroom features a group of students who are tasked with assassinating their alien teacher before he destroys the Earth. The manga has been criticized for its graphic violence and adult themes. The school has not commented on whether other books with violent content will also be reviewed.

Three books from the “Assassination Classroom” manga series have been removed from the library shelves of Gifford Middle School in Florida due to their violent content. The decision was prompted by concerns raised by parents, including Jennifer Pippin, chair of the Indian River County chapter of Moms for Liberty, who believes the books are inappropriate in light of recent school shootings.

Meanwhile, the Citizens Defending Freedom organization plans to challenge the manga’s presence in Florida middle schools, citing its violent and sexually explicit content. The organization’s National Communications Director, Kristen Huber, argues that such content should not be promoted in schools, especially using taxpayer dollars.

Assassination Classroom is facing challenges in other states of the USA too

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The Elmbrook School District in Wisconsin was the first to remove the “Assassination Classroom” manga from its digital library last month after a parent claimed it promoted gun violence against teachers. The school had previously introduced five new manga titles to its e-library but had to remove them all. The manga is also facing criticism in other states, including Florida, where parents and teachers are concerned about its portrayal of students being groomed to become assassins to kill their teachers. The state of Florida plans to introduce a bill that will strictly monitor the content of library additions in schools.

Popular anime Death Note faced similar accusations in past

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The popular manga and anime series “Death Note” has also faced criticism for its violent content in several states of the USA. The story follows a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone whose name he writes in it. Concerns have been raised that the series glorifies violence and could encourage similar behavior in young people.

Some schools and libraries have removed the series from their collections, while others have defended it as a work of fiction that encourages critical thinking and raises important ethical questions. Nevertheless, the series remains controversial and has sparked debates about the impact of violent media on young audiences.

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