Massive Dragon Ball Theme Park has announced for construction in Saudi Arabia

Dragon Ball Theme Park

The world’s first Dragon Ball theme park is set to open as the highlight of Qiddiya Investment Company’s massive “Qiddiya” mega project, which is based in Saudi Arabia. A teaser film and lots of promotional photos for the project, simply titled “The Dragon Ball Theme Park,” have been made public.

In 1984, Akira Toriyama began work on the Dragon Ball manga. From 1984 to 1989, it was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. The Dragon Ball Z prequel aired from 1989 to 1995. Dragon Ball Super, the Z sequel, began serialization in 2015 and is still going strong.

Dragon Ball Theme Park at Qiddiya City

The Dragon Ball theme park is positioned to completely transform the entertainment landscape in the region as a crucial part of the massive Qiddiya project, which is being led by the Qiddiya Investment Company in Saudi Arabia. Covering an enormous area of more than 500,000 square meters, the park will be split into seven carefully designed themed zones.

Fans of the franchise will enjoy exploring all of the worlds that were shown in the first TV series and up to Dragon Ball Super, the most recent entry. This grand project aims to bring the dream of exploring the colorful Dragon Ball universe in real life to life.

The project’s official forecasts are incredibly optimistic, which highlights the excitement and expectation around this ground-breaking endeavor.

Features of Dragon Ball Theme Park

The park will have more than thirty attractions, including five state-of-the-art rides that are sure to excite visitors of all ages. Plans include for building a massive roller coaster inside a 70-meter-tall Shenron monument, which will only heighten the excitement.

Untitled design 3 2

Over thirty themed rides, including five “groundbreaking” attractions, will be available at the theme park. Additionally, guests will have the choice to stay in hotels with a theme and savor various cuisines within imposing structures. Seven themed zones will be included, including several well-known Dragon Ball locations like “Kame House Island,” “Capsule Corporation,” and “Beerus’ Planet.”

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