Demon Slayer: To The Hashira Training Collected 4.6 crore in its first weekend in India

Demon Slayer: To The Hashira Training

People in India loved the movie so much that they’re now asking for the next one. It looks like Demon Slayer – To The Hashira Training is going to be remembered for a long time in Indian movies. On February 29, 2024, Sony Pictures Entertainment shared some exciting news. They said that the Demon Slayer – To The Hashira Training movie had the best start ever for a foreign film in India. It made a big 4.6 crore during its first weekend!

Before the new Demon Slayer season came out, there was a special movie called Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – To The Hashira Training. It’s like a mix of the last episodes from season three and the first one from season four. This movie came to India on February 22, 2024.

Demon Slayer – To The Hashira Training: Revenue from India

Aniplex Inc., Crunchyroll, and Sony Pictures Entertainment all worked together to bring Demon Slayer – To The Hashira Training to India. People in India, especially the younger ones, really love anime. And that love showed when the movie made a lot of money on the first weekend.

Sony Pictures Entertainment told us that the movie got even more popular during its first week. Every day, more and more people went to watch it, bringing in money like this:

  • Thursday: ₹94,02,835
  • Friday: ₹1,13,14,277
  • Saturday: ₹1,28,91,606
  • Sunday: ₹1,31,96,639
  • Monday: ₹28,17,564
  • Tuesday: ₹23,71,349

By Tuesday, the total money the movie made was ₹5,19,94,270. That’s a lot! This means Demon Slayer – To The Hashira Training had the best start for any foreign movie in 2024 and also the second-best start for any anime movie in India.

Global Earning by the Demon Slayer Movie

Regarding its earnings in different parts of the world, the movie raked in $11.5 million during its debut weekend in the United States, hitting theaters on February 23. In Japan, To the Hashira Training surpassed 1 billion yen in its opening weekend following its release on February 2.

As of its third week, the total had climbed to 1.4 billion yen ($9.32 million), accompanied by an impressive 1.03 million tickets sold.

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