Classroom of the Elite Season 3: how will Ayanokoji vs Sakayanagi go?

Classroom of the Elite Season 3: how will Ayanokoji vs Sakayanagi go?

Classroom of the Elite: Season 3 was officially announced in March 2022 along with the Season 2 announcement. A month after the second season was given the go-ahead, it was confirmed during the Kadokawa Anime Channel presentation. The anime’s renewal came as no surprise because the light novel and manga are still being written. Classroom of the Elite season 2 came to an end in September 2022, and now the minds of the fans are set on what comes next for the show. Let’s see in this article the expected release date and the events in season 3.

Season 3: The End of First Year

After the second season finished adapting volumes 4-7.5 of the novel, Season 3 of Classroom of the Elite will likely cover volumes 8-11.5. There are only a few volumes left to be adapted from the First Year Arc of the light novel series, so it will soon be time for Ayanokoji and his classmates to finish their first year at Koudo Ikusei, also known as Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. The third season will stand out because it will give viewers a chance to watch if Suzune and Kiyotaka continue to advance and triumph in every match.

Twelve volumes of The Classroom of The Elite manga have been published for Year 1, while there are now just two volumes available for Year 2.

The release date for Year 2 Volume 10 is still unknown. The author does, however, intend to continue the narrative and publish the third year. The conclusion of the light novel Classroom of The Elite is still a long way off. The expected anime adaption of the light novel is given below:

VolumeYearCovered in Anime
Volumes 1,2,3First YearSeason 1
Volumes 4,4.5,5,6,7First YearSeason 2
Volumes 8, 9, 10, 11, and 11.5First YearSeason 3
Volumes 1,2,3,4Second YearSeason 4
Volumes 5,6,7,8Second YearSeason 5

When Is Classroom of the Elite: Season 3 Coming Out?

Thankfully, the release date for Classroom of the Elite: Season 3 has been set for 2023. An exact release date has not been disclosed yet.

It’s safe to predict that Season 3 will debut in July 2023 based on the show’s prior seasons. The first season began in July 2017 and the most recent season premiered in July 2022, which explains why. We may anticipate the same for Classroom of the Elite: Season 3 if the studios stick with precedent. However, we can never be sure if the production company will choose a different release date for Season 3.

Like the first two seasons, Season 3 of Classroom of the Elite will likely be available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. Additionally, it will be broadcast regionally in Japan on channels like AT-X. Season 3 will probably be accessible in additional Asian nations through platforms like Animax and Muse Asia.

The plot of Season 3 (Spoiler Alert!)

Classroom of elite

Once more, it will begin with a fresh Special Test that will this time send the students to a neighboring mountain. It’s crucial to note that, as Ayanokoji and Ryuuen concurred, our main protagonists are now in Class C and, with their current set in motion, fully destroy Class D and transcend Ichinose’s B class. Boys and girls will first be divided in this new exam, called Mixed Training Camp. Each team needs to choose a captain who not only earns double points but also bears the consequences if their team fails the test and will be dismissed from school. In order to avoid expulsion, they will need to cooperate for a week and then pass many exams.

Of course, a lot will happen behind the scenes to plot against specific people. Suzune’s brother, Manabu, will have the opportunity to interact further with Ayanokoji during this exam. The former Council president has been interested in Ayanokoji ever since they first met in Season 1. However, by doing so, he could be making a few more enemies for himself and starting a fresh storyline that will unfold before the end of his third and last year on Kdo Ikusei.

New Rivals and Inside Changes (Spoiler Alert!)

Following the Special Test and into the final semester, Arisu’s schemes will start to have an impact on several significant characters as she gets closer to “defeating” Ayanokoji. After Ryuen’s “defeat,” she swiftly establishes herself as Ayanokoji’s strongest opponent in the school. But even before the first special exam, Miyabi Nagumo—who has already been named the Student Council’s new president—should be taken into account because he will also be keeping an eye on Ayanokoji and working in some capacity with Sakayanagi.

The final exam of the year and everything related to it will be the main focus. As the program draws closer to the culmination of the first-year events, a significant quantity of information concerning the pasts of both main and supporting characters will gradually become known. Expect Ayanokoji’s father to make another effort to get him to leave, including changing some of the faculty members, giving some first-year students a Bonus Exam that will expel them, and giving the final Special Exam, which was, in part, decided by the students themselves and resembled Paper Shuffle in some ways. Will Ayanokoji survive his father’s attempts to take away his “freedom”? What is going to happen to Kushida? What will happen in the Second Year? We will have to wait for these answers.

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