Blue Lock Chapter 251: Release Date, Time and expected spoilers

Blue Lock Chapter 251

Blue Lock Chapter 251 is scheduled for release on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, at midnight in Japan. Fans can be sure that the next chapter will come on time because no breaks have been reported.

In the previous chapter, Isagi unveiled Charles Chevalier as a Meta Vision user. Acknowledging Isagi’s ocular capabilities, Charles proposed a challenge to test their control over the match. Additionally, the manga showcased Rin Itoshi intercepting Michael Kaiser’s Kaiser Impact Point.

Date and Time of Release of Blue Lock Chapter 251

Blue Lock Chapter 251 is set for a global release on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. However, considering the variation in time zones, the chapter will specifically debut in Japan on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, at midnight JST. The forthcoming chapter is titled “A Special Seat.”

Tuesday, February 13:

  • 10 am Eastern Standard Time
  • 3 pm Greenwich Mean Time
  • 4 pm Central European Time
  • 9 am Central Standard Time
  • 7 am Pacific Standard Time
  • 8:30 pm Indian Standard Time
  • 11 pm Philippine Standard Time

Wednesday, February 14:

  • 12:30 am Australia Central Standard Time

Major spoilers to expect in Chapter 251

Anticipated Attack by Rin Itoshi

Is Blue Lock's Rin Itoshi based on Eren and Mikasa's child? Explained

Assuming the role of leader of Paris X Gen’s attack, Rin Itoshi builds on the indication that he stole the ball from Michael Kaiser in Blue Lock Chapter 251. Important participants like Aoshi Tokimitsu, Nanase Nijiro, Zantetsu Tsurugi, and Tabito Karasu raise the suspense and may provide opportunities for team goals.

Charles Chevalier’s Involvement:

Blue Lock Chapter 244: Shido Ryusei's Redemption Unveils PXG's Biased System and Star Performer

In Blue Lock Chapter 251, we learn Charles Chevalier can use Meta Vision. This means he sees things differently. Rin Itoshi has the ball, and attention may go to Charles, a 15-year-old French player. Itoshi might pass to Charles for an attack. Yoichi Isagi will try to stop Charles with his Meta Vision, showing how skilled Charles is and how he can affect the game.

Bastard Munchen’s Defensive Challenges:

Blue Lock: Who will score the final goal in Bastard Munchen vs Ubers, Isagi or Kaiser?

Despite Itoshi’s successful theft, Bastard Munchen’s chances of reclaiming the ball from Paris X Gen seem low. Isagi’s strategic position and Jingo’s perceived difficulty create an interesting defensive dynamic. Chapter 251 may delve into defensive strategies, highlighting Kiyora Jin’s unexplored defensive excellence.

Potential Focus on Kiyora Jin:

Kiyora Jin: Possible Abilities and Usage VS PXG | Blue Lock Character Breakdown/Prediction - YouTube

Blue Lock Chapter 251 might reveal Kiyora Jin’s playing style as the left-back. With the manga yet to showcase his abilities, the upcoming chapter may illuminate his defensive excellence. This subplot could enhance the overall narrative, offering a clearer understanding of Jin’s role in the team.

In summary, Blue Lock Chapter 251 is set to present a complex plot that will address expected assaults, character interactions, defensive difficulties, and possible character-focused revelations.

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