Black Clover Movie Delayed for Almost 3 Months

Black Clover movie Dealyed

The release date of the much-awaited film, Black Clover movie, which was originally slated to debut on March 31, 2023, has been postponed by three months, according to the official Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King website. The movie is currently scheduled to premiere on June 16. The website claims that the ongoing coronavirus infection is the cause of this timetable modification. The postponed screenings will be available to those who purchased advance tickets.

What is Black Clover Movie about?

In the upcoming full-length film in the Black Clover series, Netflix has provided an official synopsis that you can read below to discover more about Asta’s upcoming major adventure:

“As Asta keeps gaining merit on his way to becoming the Wizard King, the previous Wizard King, Conrad, who had been feared as evil and sealed away, along with three previous Wizard Kings, appears. Having been revived with the Imperial Sword, their goal is to destroy the Clover Kingdom. The boy who dreams of becoming the Wizard King vs. Previous Wizard Kings!! A fierce battle involving all the magic knights has begun over the Wizard King.”  

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