All Demon Slayer Characters Age, Heights, and their Fighting Style

All Demon Slayer Characters Age, Heights, and their Fighting Style

It is time to take a look at All Demon Slayer Characters Ages, Heights, and their Fighting style. There is no doubt that Demon Slayer has taken the anime world by storm, captivating audiences with its intense battles, compelling characters, and breathtaking animation. As fans delve deeper into the world of demon slayers and their adversaries, curiosity about the characters’ ages, heights, and unique fighting styles grows. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the age, height, and distinctive combat techniques of each prominent character in Demon Slayer.

Before we proceed keep in mind that all the data provided in this article relies on plot hints and scattered information. Due to the dynamic nature of the ongoing series, details may evolve with future developments.

All Demon Slayer Hashiras Real Age and Height

All Demon Slayer Characters Age, Heights, and their Fighting Style

Starting with Hashiras, these are the frontline defenders against demons, each mastering a unique combat style. From the scorching flames of Kyojuro Rengoku to the serene waters commanded by Giyu Tomioka, we unveil the age, height, and awe-inspiring fighting techniques that make these Hashira the pillars of strength in relentless battles.

CharacterAge (Approx.)Height (Approx.)Fighting Style
Giyu Tomioka21177 cm (5'10")Water Breathing
Shinobu Kocho18160 cm (5'3")Insect Breathing
Kyojuro Rengoku23177 cm (5'10")Flame Breathing
Tengen Uzui23190 cm (6'3")Sound Breathing
Tanjiro Kamado16165 cm (5'5")Water Breathing (Initially), Sun Breathing (Later)
Nezuko Kamado14 (Demon Age)153 cm (5'0")Claw and Kick Techniques
Zenitsu Agatsuma16163 cm (5'4")Thunder Breathing
Inosuke Hashibira16164 cm (5'4 ½")Beast Breathing
Gyomei Himejima27217 cm (7'1 ½")Stone Breathing
Muichiro Tokito14160 cm (5'3")Mist Breathing
Obanai Iguro21182 cm (6'0")Serpent Breathing
Mitsuri Kanroji19170 cm (5'7")Love Breathing

All Demon Slayer Demons Real Age and Height

CharacterAge (Demon Age)Height (Approx.)Fighting Style
Muzan Kibutsuji1,000+182 cm (6'0")Blood Manipulation
Doma133+187 cm (6'1 ½")Ice Manipulation
Akaza133+173 cm (5'8")Martial Arts, Destructive Techniques
Hantengu200+166 cm (5'5 ¼")Varies depending on clone
Gyokko113+150 cm (4'11") (Normal)Blood Demon Art: Fishbowl

Other Demon Slayer Characters Age

Beyond the Hashira and demons lie a diverse array of captivating side characters, each contributing their unique essence to the whole series.

CharacterAge (Approx.)Height (Approx.)Fighting Style
Sakonji Urokodaki60s170 cm (5'7")Water Breathing (Former)
Aoi Kanzaki16158 cm (5'2")Water Breathing
Kanao Tsuyuri16156 cm (5'1 ½")Flower Breathing

For the time being this is all we have to share on All Demon Slayer Characters Age, Heights, and their Fighting Style. However, these data will be getting regular updates and corrections in case. For more, you can check out more such articles on Demon Slayer.

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